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Welcome to our Subscription web site!
MyPCMyWay.biz is the member site in the MyPCMyWay™ Business family.  This site is where we take many of the postings on MyPCMyWay.com (our sister "free" site) and give more detailed solutions to include screen-shots and videos as well as posted solutions from other members.  While we would truly LOVE to be able to offer complete "FREE" support, we do have a family to support and by charging a small "subscription" fee, we hope to be able to offer solutions full time and keep adds off our site...the reason the "free" site hasn't been updated as much as I would like is that I spend my days Teaching and raising my kids...I would like to be able to work 8-10 hours 5 days a week; but, to do this, I need to be able to earn a living doing this.  We welcome investors who would like to help fund our cause; but, we would really like to have paying members dedicated to helping us build the largest "online" network of computer users.  We would also like to be able to support ALL platforms even though we strongly support OpenSource systems such as Linux!

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(MyPCMyWay.biz is a "sister" site to MyPCMyWay.com (free site).  The information provided here is provided for a nominal "subscription fee" and will serve as limited tech support to help users maintain/troubleshoot/upgrade their own systems with limited support from the site's owners and the community comprised of other "members".   Other services, not initially covered by the limited support of the website (i.e. local home visits), may be provided at additional costs to members.  If you would like to help build an online network of member provided support, we invite you to become a paying subscriber!)

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